Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What's My Motivation?

I was inspired the other day[1] by another blogger, Eric Canete. He frequently posts sketches (he's a comic book artist) that he's done in ninety minutes or less. These are often based off the inspiration of the moment (i.e. what he's watching on the TV). They are all well composed, inked and, in my opinion, quite good.

I don't plan on drawing anytime soon[2], but I thought to myself, I should write a short story in ninety minutes. Now, I know this means it will be short, and rough, and not entirely fleshed out. The blog could alternatively be called "First Drafts, or The Crap That Fell Out of My Head." The point is to force me to write, to force me to think about beginnings, middles and ends (something I'm really bad at), and generally to try and motivate me to further my writing goals[3].

Aside from those three things, it will also be a great way to explore ideas. Every couple of days I have an idea for a story, an intro, character, or whatnot. Sometimes I write it down. More often then not I don't. The idea is just lost. The ninety minute short will give me a place to write it and (hopefully) force my hand to do so.


I've already written one that's almost ready to go. I'm sixty minutes into it, and I need to do about thirty of edits and rewrites. Once that's done I'll throw it up here, and maybe, just maybe someone will read it.

[1] Yesterday. I'm spontaneous that way.

[2] That is between me and my office notepad.

[3]Cough. Maybe I should just be honest and call them daydreams.

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